13 April 08:45

Company Presentation Achmea

A Company Presentation is the perfect opportunity to get a good first impression of an organization. These presentations will provide information about the firms in general, the business culture, career opportunities, traineeships, starter positions and more! Each presentation has a duration of one hour, with the possibility to ask questions in the end. The Company Presentations are interesting and accessible for students of all years.

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13 April 10:00

Workshop Achmea

A Workshop is an interactive session where companies have the chance to assess your skills and knowledge. During these 2,5 hours, the company will present an actual business case. 

  • Please note! You are obligated to go to the company presentation if you participate in a company workshop. This will be subscribed automatically, so you do not have to subscribe separately for the presentation.
  • CV selection will be applied for this activity.

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13 April 13:45

Individual Conversations Achmea

An Individual Conversation is a unique opportunity to talk one-on-one with a recruiter from a company of your interest. You will have a conversation about your background as well as your ambitions and you can find out what the company is like as an employer. These conversations will either take 25 or 35 minutes, depending on the preference of the company.

  • CV selection will be applied for this activity. 

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Company profile

Additional information

• Accounting
• Business Administration
• Economics
• Finance
• Information Management
• Marketing
• Organization & Strategy

Noor Kok
Laan van Malkenschoten 20
7333 NP Apeldoorn
Telefoonnummer: +31 (0)610882913

Aantal medewerkers in Nederland: 14.500
Aantal medewerkers wereldwijd: 17.000
Locatie hoofdkantoor Nederland: Zeist
Locatie hoofdkantoor wereldwijd: Zeist
Actief in aantal landen: 5
Omzet in Nederland: €20 miljard
Aantal startende academici per jaar: 25
Aantal stageplaatsen per jaar: 40
Aantal vestigingen in Nederland: 9
Aantal vestigingen wereldwijd: 14
Tilburg University E 1.22
P.O. Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
+31 (0)13 - 463 35 16