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Company Presentation Cloetta

A Company Presentation is the perfect opportunity to get a good first impression of an organization. These presentations will provide information about the firms in general, the business culture, career opportunities, traineeships, starter positions and more! Each presentation has a duration of one hour, with the possibility to ask questions in the end. The Company Presentations are interesting and accessible for students of all years.

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• Business Administration

Cloetta Holland B.V.
Anouk Bruggeling
Human Resource Management
Hoevestein 26
4903 SC
Telefoonnummer:+31 (0)162 485 634

Aantal medewerkers in Nederland: 380
Aantal medewerkers wereldwijd: 2.600
Locatie hoofdkantoor Nederland: Oosterhout
Locatie hoofdkantoor wereldwijd: Stockholm
Actief in aantal landen: 14
Omzet in Nederland: € 85 miljoen
Omzet wereldwijd: € 565 miljoen
Aantal startende academici per jaar: 25
Aantal stageplaatsen per jaar: 10-20
Percentage academici werkzaam: 20%
Aantal vestigingen in Nederland: 3 fabrieken & 1 kantoor
Aantal vestigingen wereldwijd: 13 fabrieken & 6 kantoren
Working at Cloetta

Our mission is to bring a smile to the Munchy moments of our customers, and make sure our employees work with a smile.

We enjoy working together in an informal and welcoming culture, we support each other and most importantly have fun! While taking our job serious.

Because of our flat company structure, people here receive a lot of freedom in performing their job. We are able to take a lot of responsibility and execute our role from a to z, making it possible to have a true impact on the business and make a real difference.

Hence, we are an ambitious company. We tackle challenges with our “will do attitude”.

Wat can we do for you?
Throughout the year we have several open intern positions at bachelor and university level regarding Marketing, Sales, HR, Innovation, Supply Service and young potential roles.

We employ about 345 people in the Netherlands with the regional head office in Oosterhout, and factories in Sneek, Roosendaal and Turnhout (Belgium).

Each location facilitates its own HR Department, so, if you are interested in learning more about current (internship) opportunities you are always welcome to contact us.
Tilburg University E 1.22
P.O. Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
+31 (0)13 - 463 35 16