21 April 10:00

Workshop Accuracy

A Workshop is an interactive session where companies have the chance to assess your skills and knowledge. During these 2,5 hours, the company will present an actual business case. 

  • Please note! You are obligated to go to the company presentation if you participate in a company workshop. This will be subscribed automatically, so you do not have to subscribe separately for the presentation.
  • CV selection will be applied for this activity.

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21 April 13:45

Individual Conversations Accuracy

An Individual Conversation is a unique opportunity to talk one-on-one with a recruiter from a company of your interest. You will have a conversation about your background as well as your ambitions and you can find out what the company is like as an employer. These conversations will either take 25 or 35 minutes, depending on the preference of the company.

  • CV selection will be applied for this activity.

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Company profile

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Interested in:
• Accounting
• Economics
• Finance
• International Management
• Business Administration

Bas van Helden
Schiphol Boulevard 395 (Tower C8)
1118 BJ
Phone: +31 (0)20 754 7600

Number of employees in the Netherlands: 18
Number of employees worldwide: 350
Location headquarters the Netherlands: Schiphol
Sales worldwide: € 65 million
Active in number of countries: 10
Number of starting academics per year: 4
Number of internships per year: 8
Percentage of academics employed: 100%
Number of locations in the Netherlands: 1
Number of locations worldwide: 13
Accuracy was founded in November 2004, driven by the need for an independent player in the field of finance. Today, Accuracy is the sole, truly independent European advisor that can offer companies a global reach in financial consultancy services.

Accuracy now has offices in ten countries in Europe, North America and Asia and delivers its services worldwide. We boast a full range of skills in the economic, financial and accounting fields, and combine these skills to reach a single goal: to validate figures by analysing them, questioning them, verifying their reliability and providing recommendations to facilitate effective decision-making.

To achieve this, Accuracy combines extensive know-how in areas such as auditing techniques, valuations, financial modelling, financial forecasting and market analyses. This aids our clients in dealing with a wide range of situations including acquisitions, disposals, companies in difficulty, restructuring, litigation and dispute resolution.

No matter where you join Accuracy, be it London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan, New Delhi, Montreal or Singapore, you’ll be joining a unique firm where everything is shared: the training, seminars, teams and, of course, our assignments. Mixing profiles, nationalities, backgrounds and languages reflects Accuracy's approach to continuously enrich the development of our consultants and the solutions put forward to clients.
Tilburg University E 1.22
P.O. Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
+31 (0)13 - 463 35 16