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Logo AssetAsset is the association for all students studying at Tilburg School of Economics and Management. We are built upon seven departments which represent seven study directions. With over 7000 members, Asset is one of the largest business and economics oriented Faculty Associations in the Netherlands. Asset’s goal is to provide services and activities to all its members and to enhance their life during their studies at Tilburg University. Faculty Association Asset is managed by students and serves students by offering study exceeding activities on the one hand, and study specific activities on the other hand. Asset offers all its members several study supporting services such as: 20% and 5% book discounts on English and Dutch books respectively and summaries. Moreover, Asset offers students the possibility to get in contact with potential future employers by means of the Economic Business weeks Tilburg, the Asset In-house days, the Consultancy Experience and several specific recruitment activities. To get a grasp on how theory works out in ‘the real world’, Asset organizes activities that translate abstract books into sparkling events. Examples of such activities are the Asset International Conference, the Interfaculty Symposium, The International Experience, which is a three week volunteering project in a third world country, and the monthly Food for Thought interviews with prominent persons from different areas of expertise such as science, business or politics. Besides the formal activities that Asset organizes, there are also several informal, social activities. The Asset kick-off party, the Asset Gala, the COdE Beer cantus and the Pre-carnaval party are just a few examples. Do you want to organize activities for students, improve your practical skills and meet a lot of new people with different backgrounds? Feel free to contact us via or pass by our offices on the first floor of the Esplanade building.

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Asset | Accounting & Finance is a professional study association, which focuses on students interested in the field of accountancy, controlling, finance and investment theory. The association holds over 1500 members and is one of the largest associations in Tilburg. By offering study-realted as well as career-orientated activities, Asset | Accounting & Finance builds a bridge between the theory of the study and the practice of business. Examples of study-related activiites of Asset | Accounting & Finance organizes, are Accounting Insight, Investment Night, the Studytour, the Accounting & Controlling Expedition and the Financial Business Dinner. Asset | Accounting & Finance also fulfils a supporting role for students for instance by publishing guidelines. Furthermore, the association tries to fulfill an intermediary role between students and business. Asset | Accounting & Finance publishes three articles a week on their online semi-academic magazine Faces Online. In addition, Asset | Accounting & Finance is member of the Financial Association of the Netherlands (FAN) together with four other associations. For more information about Asset | Accounting & Finance look at 

econometrics transAsset | Econometrics is the study association for all students of the Bachelor Econometrics & Operations Research and students of the four subsequent master programs at Tilburg University. It was founded in 1979 and is therefore one of the oldest associations connected to Tilburg School of Economics and Management. Asset | Econometrics has approximately 600 members of which about 70 are active in (several) committees. These active members try to stimulate the interaction between students, students and scientists and students and business through numerous activities To reach these three targets many activities are organized, both formal and informal. Examples are symposia, drinks, sports activities, in-house days,, study trips, etcetera. More information is available at


Asset | Economics is the study association that serves all students enrolled in the bachelor Economics and ‘Economie en Bedrijfseconomie’ and the master Economics at Tilburg University. Asset | Economics organizes career events and social activities. The activities range from the Orientation Day, where participants can find more detailed information about the tracks of the master Economics, to the Economics Dinner, where students can meet future employers. Furthermore, there are several drinks and parties to enjoy Asset | Economics. Moreover, the association offers study supporting material in the form of guidelines of several courses. Lastly, the possibility is offered to obtain relevant experience by organizing an event yourself by being part of a committee. Being active as a committee member adds value to your CV and your social life. In short, Asset | Economics serves all Economics students at Tilburg University by giving them the opportunity to develop themselves and maximize their potential! 

Logo IBMAsset | International Business & Management is the study association serving all students studying International Business Administration and International Management at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management. Since these programs are of a multidisciplinary nature we organize activities in the fields Accounting & Finance, Marketing and Organization & Strategy. Currently we have around 100 active members working in 21 committees that organize a wide range of events such as symposia, company visits and social activities. These events are organized in close cooperation with Tilburg University and especially the program directors of the Bachelor program International Business Administration and the Master International Management. In addition we also organize two study trips per year. The first edition in October is a one-week trip to a destination within Europe whereas the second edition in April usually visits a country outside of Europe for several weeks. Since we serve an international student community we organize formal activities in English. Furthermore we encourage all our active and passive members to develop themselves in an international environment by spending an exchange semester abroad. 

Logo MarketingAsset | Marketing is for all students interested in marketing, marketing research and communication. It is characterized as an active and most of all, open study association. Due to the broad field of scope that characterizes marketing, Asset | Marketing has very accessible activities. The formal activities all have a background in marketing. Some examples are The International Marketing Expedition (TIME); a project in which students do market research in a foreign country (such as South Korea and China), and the Markethings Week; a week filled with numerous formal and informal marketing activities. Other informal activities range from the Commercial Night to various parties and social drinks. Next to this, Asset | Marketing focuses on serving marketing students in the field of education (i.e. guidelines) and business (i.e. internships). We have around 90 active students in twelve committees, ranging in workload from three up to 40 hours a week. Furthermore, Asset | Marketing is affiliated with the Marketing Associatie Nederland (MAN), which amongst others organizes the Nationale Marketing Strijd (NMS) and the Dutch Marketing Thesis Award every year. More information is available at, or come and visit us at room E1.02.

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Asset | Strategy & Logistics is the study association for students interested in strategy and logistics at Tilburg University. We support students in the bachelor program Business Administration who are interested in Organization and Strategy, and in the master programs Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management. Linking study to business: Asset | Strategy & Logistics organizes several activities to get students in contact with companies, which increases their chances of finding a job or internship. Study support: The most important way of supporting students during their study is by providing them guidelines and cases for courses in both their master and bachelor programs. Also, students are given the opportunity to give comments on the contents of their study. Study enrichment: Asset | Strategy & Logistics gives students the opportunity to get more out of their study period. Amongst others, we organize strategic and logistics contests and publish a magazine with articles on topics related to strategy and logistics. Social platform: Next to organizing study-related activities, Asset | Strategy & Logistics also offers a lot of parties, drinks and many other fun activities to create a social platform for our members.

SBITAsset | Study Assocition for Business & IT (Asset | SBIT) is the student association for all students Business Economics (BE) and Information Management (IM) at Tiburg University and others interested in this field. The master Information Management is a successor to the study of Information Systems (Bestuurlijke Informatiekunde-BIK). During this study, students examine how IT can be used to enhance strategic, tactical and operational business objectives. Within these study a link is made between business and IT, the courses consist of business and informatoin science. 

Asset | SBIT provides its members with educational support, career guidance and informal activities. Study support is offered to its members in the form of guidance documents, summaries of previous exams and study of subjects within the curriculum. Second, Asset | SBIT provides the bridge between students who wish to orientate and companies who want to profile themselves. Thirdly, informal activities are organized where business partners have the opportunity to profile themselves. 

For students, people from the field and other interested parties Asset | SBIT organizes an annual symposium in the field of Information Management. This year the symposium will be a TEDx event (TEDxTilburgUniversity).


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