The theme of this year’s conference is: "Profiting Society: Leading into a Sustainable Future". Sustainability extends to three interdependent levels: environmental, social and economic. The notion of sustainable leadership encompasses this triple bottom line concept. Sustainable leadership implies a deep understanding of our society and of its interconnected systems. Being a leader who thinks globally requires a future-oriented mindset.

Through five different thought-provoking speeches, the Business Night aims to fill the gap between theoretical learning and practice. Students should be able not only to learn from their courses but also to experiment by themselves, reflect, adjust and share. In their journey to success, young graduates can feel disoriented and overwhelmed by the complexity of the future challenges. A better understanding of the past through feedback and stories with concrete examples is the key to a successful future. By sharing positive but also arduous experiences, the speakers will help and inspire students to find their path into a sustainable tomorrow.

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